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Sanctuary of Fear

producer barringer jack mary

(NBC, 4/23/1979, 120 mins). An amiable Manhattan parish priest with a bent for crime-solving comes to the aid of a damsel in distress, a young actress who is innocently embroiled in a series of bizarre incidents and cannot find a sympathetic ear among the police. This pilot for a proposed”Father Brown” series updated the G.K. Chesterton creation, introduced in 1911 in a collection of short stories, who played the detective fictionally through 1935 in pastoral England. The character was transplanted to New York City of the 1970s for this movie, originally to have been shown as “Father Brown, Detective” (the title used when Alec Guinness played the part in the 1954 film), and then was switched to “Sanctuary of Death” before its final name was settled on. Subsequently titled “The Girl in the Park.”

Production Company Marble Arch Productions. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Martin Starger. Producer Philip Barry. Supervising Producer Don M. Mankiewicz, Gordon Cotter. Teleplay Don M. Mankiewicz, Gordon Cotler. Based on a Novel by G.K. Chesterton. Photography Ronald M. Lautore. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor John Wright. Art Director Robert Gundlach.

Cast Barnard Hughes (Father Brown), Michael McGuire (Lieutenant Bellamy), George Hearn (Monsignor Kerrigan), Robert Schenkkan (Father Wembley), David Rasche (Jack Collins), Fred Gwynne (Judge Potter), Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Glidden), Kay Lenz (Carol Bain), Donald Symington (Russell Heyman), Saul Rubinek (Jerry Stone), Peter Maloney (Eli Clay), Jeffrey DeMunn (Whitney Fowler), Maureen Silliman (Beth Landau), Alice Drummond (Grace Barringer), Thomas Hill (Carl Barringer), Sydney Hibbert (Steel drummer), David Ramsey (Auction guest), Robin Mary Paris (Auction guest), Gary Boyer (Mike), Sudi Bond (Annie), Mary Boyland (Mrs. Blount).

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