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Sarah T.- Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic

richard peterson shapiro blair

(NBC, 2/11/1975, 120 mins). A drama about a 15 year old girl (Linda Blair again in another of her inevitable put upon teenager roles) who is unable to cope with her problems and the lack of love at home and becomes an alcoholic.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Donner. Producer David Levinson. Teleplay Esther Shapiro, Richard Shapiro. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music James DiPasquale. Editor Richard Bracken. Art Director John E. Chilberg II. Associate Producer Stuart Cohen. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Linda Blair (Sarah Travis), Verna Bloom (Jean Hodges), William Daniels (Matt Hodges), Larry Hagman (Jerry Travis), Michael Lerner (Dr. Marvin Kittredge), Mark Hamill (Ken Newkirk), Hilda Haynes (Margaret), Laurette Spang (Nancy), M. Emmet Walsh (Mr. Peterson), Karen Purcil (Marilyn Cooper), Eric Olson (Bobby), Steve Benedict (Ray Peterson), Richard Roat (Fred Tyler), Marian Collier (Mrs. Peterson), Jessica Rains (Mrs. Tyler), Sheila Larken (Vice Principal), Heather Totten (Carol), Dean Franklin (Boy).


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