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The Badge or the Cross

colla father richard robert

(NBC, 2/22/1971, 120 mins). A suspense drama about a veteran cop who turns to the priesthood after his wife is shot to death, and three years later is assigned to a parish where he encounters the assassin who originally had been gunning for him. This was the first of two feature-length pilots for George Kennedy’s first TV series “Sarge” that had a half-season run beginning the following September.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Colla. Executive Producer Richard Colla. Producer David Levinson. Teleplay Don M Mankiewicz. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Dave Grusin. Editor Robert L. Kimble. Art Directors Joseph M. Alves Jr., Sidney Z. Litwack.

Cast George Kennedy (Sarge Swanson), Ricardo Montalban (Al Matteo), Nico Minardos (Nico), Diane Baker (Carol Swanson), Stewart Moss (Father Terrence), Sallie Shockley (Valerie), Larry Gates (Arnie Bigelow), Harold Sakata (Kenji Takichi), Naomi Stevens (Mama Bain), Henry Wilcoxon (Bishop Andrade), Stanley Livingston (Charlie), Dana Elcar (Father Frank Dinsmore), Ramon Bieri (Chief Dewey), Walter Brooke (Rector), Charles Tyner (Hawley), David Huddleston (Tyler), Robert Donner, Randolph Mantooth, Barry Cahill, Elizabeth Colla, Morgan Lin Justin, Jeff Thompson.

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