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director paul william richard

(NBC, 3/31/1973, 90 mins). A TV journalist investigates the compromising photo of a Supreme Court nominee in this pilot for a prospective series for ex ”Mission: Impossible” stars Martin Landau and Barbara Bain. It marked director Steven Spielberg’s farewell to the TV vineyards where he had started only four years earlier. Originally this movie was titled “Watch Dog.”

Production Companies Universal Television, Fairmount-Foxcroft Productions. Director Steven Spielberg. Executive Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Producer Paul Mason. Teleplay Mark Rodgers, Richard Levinson, William Link. Based on a Story by Mark Rodgers. Photography Bill Butler. Music Gil Melle. Editor Edward M. Abroms. Art Director William H. Tuntke.

Cast Martin Landau (Paul Savage), Barbara Bain (Gail Abbott), Will Geer (Joel Ryker), Paul Richards (Phillip Brooks), Michele Carey (Allison Baker), Barry Sullivan (Judge Daniel Stern), Louise Latham (Marian Stern), Susan Howard (Lee Reynolds), Dabney Coleman (Ted Seligson), Pat Harrington Jr. (Russell), Jack Bender (Jerry), Victor Millan (Director), Warren Kemmerling (Lieutenant Chambers), Danny Goldman (Commercial director), Richard Stahl (Photographer), John Finnegan (Mike), Ray Ballard (Assistant), Carl Gottlieb (Floorman), Jack Latham (Commentator), Bill Quinn (Senator Havilland), Ken Sansom (Clerk), Angus Duncan (Reverend Gray), John Mitchum (Motel manager), Charlie Jones (Correspondent), Vic Vallardo (2nd correspondent).

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