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The Savage Bees

deputy bruce coast geller

(NBC, 11/22/1976, 120 mins). A swarm of killer bees from South America threatens New Orleans at the height of the Mardi Gras weekend. A neat little thriller that won an Emmy in the category of Film Sound Mixing.

Production Companies Alan Landsburg Productions, Don Kirshner Productions. Director Bruce Geller. Executive Producers Alan Landsburg, Don Kirshner, Merrill Grant. Producer Bruce Geller. Teleplay Guerdon Trueblood. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music Walter Murphy. Editors Bud Friedgen, George B Hively.

Cast Ben Johnson (Sheriff Donald McKew), Michael Parks (Dr. Jeff Du Rand), Paul Hecht (Dr. Rufus Carter), Gretchen Corbett (Jeannie Devereaux), Horst Bucholz (Dr. Jurge Mueller), Bruce French (Police Lieutenant), James Best (Deputy Mayor Pelligrino), David L. Gray (Coast Guard lieutenant), Richard Boyle (Coast Guard chief), Elliott Keener (Freighter boatswain), Boardman O’Connor (Freighter captain), Danny Barker (Taxicab driver), Don Hood (Deputy Churn), Bill Holliday (Deputy Stilt), Carol Sutton (Mrs. Comphar), Tiffany Gautier Chase (Julie Comphar), Shirl Cieutat (Mrs. Bryant), Judy Langford (TV interviewer), Lyla May Owen (Mrs. McKew), James Bowers (Morgue technician), Sylvia ‘Kumba’ Williams (Morgue receptionist), Tom Alden (Young priest), Christine Elllsworth (Pirate girl), Kenneth Lorenzen (Pirate), Wayne ‘V’ Mack (Councilman Ralston), Jack L. Morrison (Councilman Tyne), Dr. Norman Gary (Abner Caziot), Cary Alden (Mrs. Caziot).

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