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Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole

nurse anderson song doctor

(ABC, 9/27/1972, 90 mins). A pretty research doctor, suddenly widowed, is inveigled by a gruff street doctor to put away the mourning band and join him in his clinic in a Chicago slum area. The title role marked the end of Susan Hayward’s long film career.

Production Companies Spelling-Goldberg Productions, ABC Circle Films. Director Jud Taylor. Producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg. Teleplay Sandor Stern. Photography Tim Southcott. Music Hugo Montenegro. Title Song Bradford Craig, Hugo Montenegro. Song performed by Dusty Springfield. Editor Bill Mosher. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Robert Monroe.

Cast Susan Hayward (Dr. Maggie Cole), Darren McGavin (Dr. Lou Grazzo), Michael Constantine (Dr. Sweeney), Michele Nichols (Lisa Downey), Dane Clark (Hank Cooper), Beverly Garland (Myrna Anderson), Jeanette Nolan (Mrs. Downey), Maidie Norman (Fergy [Nurse Ferguson]), Richard Anderson (Dr. Ben Cole), Frank Puglia (Mrs. Alessandro), Richard Carlyle (Anderson), Peter Hobbs (Pathologist), Harry Basch (Isadore Glass), Leigh Adams (Night nurse), Jan Peters (Ivan Dvorsky), Robert Cleaves (Brig), Mira Martinez (2nd night nurse), Guy Remsen (Policeman), Jerrie Wollen (2nd day nurse), Bob Bennett (Waiter), Virginia Hawkins (1st day nurse), Scott Edmonds (Barney).

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