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(ABC, 4/10/1966, 120 mins). This Western, a pilot for Dale Robertson’s series “The Iron Horse” (1966-68), set up by the subsequent premise in which a dapper frontier gambler wins a railroad line in a poker game and his hands full holding it from the clutches of various conniving bad guys. Robert Random, Robert Cinder and Roger Torrey continued as regulars in the series along with Robertson.

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director James Goldstone. Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Stephen Kandel. Based on a Story by Stephen Kandel, James Goldstone. Photography Fred Gately. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Richard C. Meyer. Art Directors Ross Bellah, Robert Peterson.

Cast Dale Robertson (Ben Calhoun), Robert Random (Barnabas Rogers), Diana Hyland (Martha Grenier), Sandra Smith (Joanna Royce), Lloyd Bochner (John Pendennis), David Sheiner (Frontiersman), James Westerfield (Nehemiah), John Anderson (Standish), Todd Armstrong (Dave Tarrant), Robert Cinder (Brooks), Roger Torrey (Niles Tovald), Cliff Hall (Judge Biddle), Woodrow Parfrey (Holmes), James Doohan (Scrimp), Herbert Voland (Buckeye Sullivan), Eddie Firestone (Bundle), Stephanie Hill (Lucy), Harry Swogger (Groat), Ed Griffith (Briscoe), Harry Basch (Printer), Paul Sorensen (Connelly), Howard Morton (Justin Fornier), Sydna Scott (French Kate), Jerry Summers (Brooks).

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