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The Screaming Woman

story ray john wynant

(ABC, 1/29/1972, 90 mins). A contemporary Gothic horror story that has a dowager, an ex mental patient, discovering a woman buried alive and screaming for help on the grounds of her sprawling estate, but her family feels that her mind has snapped and refuses to believe the bizarre story in its greed to get hold of her money if she is declared incompetent. Olivia de Havilland made her TV movie debut in this one, with Joseph Cotten replacing Ray Milland in the role of her lawyer, in this adaptation of a story by Ray Bradbury.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Jack Smight. Producer William Frye. Teleplay Merwin Gerard. Based on the Short Story by Ray Bradbury. Photography Sam Leavitt. Music John Williams. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director John E. Chilberg II. Costumes Edith Head.

Cast Olivia de Havilland (Laura Wynant), Ed Nelson (Carl Nesbitt), Laraine Stephens (Caroline Wynant), Joseph Cotten (George Tresvant), Walter Pidgeon (Dr. Amos Larkin), Charles Knox Robinson (Howard Wynant), Alexandra Hay (Evie Carson), Lonny Chapman (Police Sergeant), Charles Drake (Ken Bronson), Russell C. Wiggins (Harry Sands), Gene Andrusco (David/deputy), Joyce Cunningham (Bernice Wilson), Jan Aravan (Martin/servant), Ray Montgomery (Ted Wilson), John Alderman (Slater).

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