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producer peter fleming blakely

(ABC, 2/20/1977, 120 mins). An unhappily married woman (Susan Blakely) succumbs to her sexual fantasies and becomes compulsively promiscuous in a desperate attempt to find the “secret” of happiness that her mother had convinced her was hers.

Production Company The Jozak Company. Director Paul Wendkos. Executive Producer Gerald I. Isenberg. Producer Gerald W. Abrams. Teleplay James Henerson. Photography Richard C. Glouner. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Song “Dream Away” written and performed by Susan Blakely. Editor John A. Martinelli. Art Director Trevor Williams. Associate Producer Bruce J. Sallan.

Cast Susan Blakely (Andrea Fleming), Roy Thinnes (Herb Fleming), Joanne Linville (Helen Warner), John Randolph (Ed Warner), Melody Thomas (Laura Fleming), Frances Lee McCain (Dr. Lee), Charlotte Stewart (Phyllis Turner), Anthony Eisley (Larry Bleier), Michelle Stacy (Chrissie), Rosanne Covy (Joanne Weese), Andrew Stevens (Joel Corcoran), Elizabeth Cheshire (Andrea at age 7), Brian Cutler (Cab Driver), Paul Henry Itkin (Blind piano tuner), Peter Brandon (Benglesdorf), Scott Ellsworth (Swinger), Peter Tomarken (Wes), Carol O’Leary (1st wife), Ellen Novak (2nd wife), Peter Gonzales (Chicano waiter), Larry Gilman (Intern), Robert Phalen (Minister).

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