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See How She Runs

quinn lissy joanne woodward

(CBS, 2/1/1978, 120 mins). Joanne Woodward won an Emmy Award for her performance as a middle-aged housewife and mother (one of her fictional daughters was played by real-life daughter Lissy Newman) who, after spending a lifetime giving to others, decides to claim a piece for herself and enters the grueling 26-mile Boston marathon as an obsessive means of self expression. Composer Jimmie Haskell also received an Emmy for his score. A stage musical, “A Long Way to Boston,” based on this TV-movie, opened at the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut in 1969, but never got to Broadway. Nancy Dussault and Shelley Bruce had the roles played in the film by Joanne Woodward and daughter Lissy.

Production Company CLN Productions. Director Richard T. Heffron. Producer George Englund. Teleplay Marvin A. Gluck. Photography Ronald M. Lautore. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor Gary Griffen. Art Director Charles Bailey II.

Cast Joanne Woodward (Betty Quinn), John Considine (Larry Quinn), Lissy Newman (Janey Quinn), Mary Beth Manning (Kathy Quinn), Barnard Hughes (John Matusak), Barbara Meek (Evelyn Purnel), James Houghton (Handsome man), Page 196  Linda Peterson (Holly), Chris Anastasio (Mr. Grillo), Harvey Reed (Earl), Tom Kemp (Norman), Nancy Tates (Lois), Annette Miller (Woman with dog), Frank Dolan (Annoyed man), Burt Johnson (Punk), Mickey Jones (Punk), Stephan Driscoll (Punk), Michael Currie (Cop friend), Wendy Sakakeeny (Hostess), John Blood (Starter), Norman Merrill (Young runner), Joan Tolentino (Woman with ice), Bill Castellino (Boy with Corvette), David Wilson (Boy with Corvette), Ken Baker (Man with bandage), Robert J. Colonna (Older cop).

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