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The Seeding of Sarah Burns

nurse stern producer judy

(CBS, 4/7/1979, 120 mins). A young woman decides to volunteer for a proposed embryo transplant to help a couple who are unable to have a child, and then has second thoughts about giving up the baby.

Production Companies Michael Klein Productions, Robert Papazian Productions. Director Sandor Stern. Executive Producer Michael Klein. Producer Robert A. Papazian. Teleplay Sandor Stern. Based on a Story by Sandor Stern, Marc Ray. Photography William H. Cronjager. Music Jimmie Haskell. Song “Open a Window (Unlock the Door)” by Will Jennings. Song written and performed by Richard Kerr. Editor Ina Massari. Art Director Elizabeth Bousman. Associate Producer Vahan Moosekian.

Cast Kay Lenz (Sarah Burns), Martin Balsam (Dr. Samuel Melman), Cassie Yates (Karen Lovell), Charles Siebert (Alex Lovell), Cliff DeYoung (Tim), Virginia Kiser (Mrs. Angstrom), Bryan Gordon (Roger Deems), Caitlin O’Heaney (Linda), Jordan Michals (Terri), Margaret Ladd (Bonnie), Ruth Cox (Jill), Peggy Lee Brennan (Penny), Maxine Stuart (Flora), John Dennis (Mr. Swells), Catherine Hickland (Judy), Judy Reich (Norma), Jessica Davis (Nurse Rae), Lin Shaye (2nd nurse), Donna Raye (3rd nurse), Judy Kerr (OB nurse).

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