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Senior Year

reed cramer cast producer

(CBS, 3/22/1974, 90 mins). High school in the 1950s as seen through the eyes of five carefree seniors is depicted in this pilot to the short lived series “Sons and Daughters” (September- November 1974) with much of the same cast.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Donner. Producer David Levinson. Teleplay M. Charles Cohen. Photography Jack Woolf. Music James DiPasquale. Editors Bud Hoffman, Richard Bracken. Art Director John E. Chilberg II. Associate Producer Steve Heilpern.

Cast Gary Frank (Jeff Reed), Glynnis O’Connor (Anita Cramer), Barry Livingston (Moose Kerner), Debralee Scott (Evie Mortenson), Scott Colomby (Stash), Lionel Johnston (Charlie), Jay W. MacIntosh (Lucille Reed), Michael Morgan (Danny Reed), Jan Shutan (Ruth Cramer), John S. Ragin (Walter Cramer), Dana Elcar (Paul Reed), Chris Nelson (Cody), Christopher Norris (Lisa), Randi Kallan (Tina), Teresa Medaris (Marylou), Cheryl Linde (Dana), Bonnie Van Dyke (Angie), Wallace Rooney (Dr. Arnold), Ted Gehring (Laski), Maida Severn (Lila), Al Dunlap (Joe).

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