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Sergeant Matlovich vs. the U.S. Air Force

david bill airman william

(NBC, 8/21/1978, 120 mins). A strong drama based on the true story of an Air Force sergeant’s fight to stay in the service after admitting his homosexuality. Brad Dourif has the lead.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director Paul Leaf. Executive Producer Thomas W. Moore. Producer Paul Leaf. Teleplay John McGreevey. Photography Mario Tosi. Music Teo Macero. Editor Thomas Stanford. Art Director Bill Sully.

Cast Brad Dourif (Leonard Matlovich), Frank Converse (Capt. Larsen Jaenicke), William Daniels (Father Veller), Stephen Elliott (Mat’s Father), Rue McClanahan (Mat’s Mother), David Spielberg (David Addlestone), Mitchell Ryan (Lt. Col. Applegate), Barra Grant (Susan Hewman), Alfred Ryder (Colonel Grand), David Ogden Stiers (G-2 Captain), Marc Singer (Jason Cole), Donald Moffat (Colonel Benton), Ellen Holly (Amy), Harrison Page (Josh), William Bogert (Major Holloway), Edward Gallardo (Diego), Charles H. Gray (Colonel McLean), Harv Selsby (Airman), Rick Goldman (Sergeant Dunn), Shaka Cumbuka (Airman Jones), Tom Ormeny (Sergeant Marsh), Ron McIlwain (Captain Marsh), Bill Dearth (Timmons), Stuart Dillon (Needham), Jack Bender (Allcott), Roy West (Teenage girl’s father), Jean Moore (Jean), Lawrence Howard (1st airman), Gavan O’Herlihy (Art Stinson), Jane Ralston (Teenage girl), David Ralston (1st soldier), Steven Anderson (Reeber), Otto Felix (2nd soldier), Michael Fuller (Money), Birgit Winslow (Birgit), David Milton (Joe Green), Bill Duke, Arnold Soboloff, Sandy Ward, Alice Hirson, Sunya Molina William Wintersole, James E. Brodhead, Robert Burgos, Jack Stauffer, Sal Viscuso, Barney McFadden.

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