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Serpico: The Deadly Game

david tom producer collins

(NBC, 4/24/1976, 120 mins). This was the pilot for the 1976-77 “Serpico” series with David Birney, in the role originated on the screen by Al Pacino, as the New York undercover cop battling corruption in and out of the department. Based on the 1973 book by Peter Maas.

Production Companies Emmet G. Lavery Jr. Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Robert Collins. Producer Emmet G. Lavery Jr. Teleplay Robert Collins. Based on a Book by Peter Maas. Photography Donald M. Morgan. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Patrick Kennedy. Art Director Bill Caplan. Associate Producer Arthur E. McLaird.

Cast David Birney (Frank Serpico), Allen Garfield (The Professor), Burt Young (Alec Rosen), Tom Atkins (Lt. Tom Sullivan), Lane Bradbury (Carol), Christine Jones (Kim), Will Kuluva (Mr. Serpico), Walter McGinn (David Doyle), Mario Roccuzzo (Angelo Serpico), Sydney Lassick (Goldman), Anthony Charnota (Joe Simone), Carl Lee (Carothers), Richard C. Adams (Atkins), Madison Arnold (Polo), Albert Henderson (Sergeant Morgan), Antony Ponzini (Dominique), Harry Shearer (Hippy), Paulette Brein (Gina), Pat Angeli (Rosa), Frank Spalar (Choreographer).

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