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Sex and the Married Woman

jack producer fish director

(NBC, 9/13/1977, 120 mins). A whimsical tale of how success can ruin a good marriage which is thrown into turmoil when the wife achieves sudden fame after publication of her book on her neighbors’ sex lives.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Jack Arnold. Executive Producer George Santoro. Producer Jack Arnold. Teleplay Michael Norell. Photography Ben Colman. Music Gerald Fried. Editors Jamie Caylor, Robert Watts. Art Director Jackson DeGovia. Associate Producer Norman Chandler. Costumes Edith Head.

Cast Barry Newman (Alan Fitch), Joanna Pettet (Leslie Fitch), Keenan Wynn (Uncle June), Dick Gautier (Louie Grosscup), Larry Hovis (Arnie Fish), Jayne Meadows (Irma Caddish), Nita Talbot (Heidi Lomax), Fannie Flagg (Virginia Ladysmith), Chuck McCann (Jim Cutler), F. Murray Abraham (Duke Skaggs), Angus Duncan (Peter Nebben), Jeanne Lange (Carolyn Fish), John Lawrence (Stan Oberfeld), Liz Ingleson (1st Nun), Jessica Rains (2nd Nun), Bryan O’Byrne (Dr. Kazmeter), Roy Stuart (Bartender), Jordan Rhodes (Stan Overfield), Hugh Benson (TV interviewer), Lin Shaye (Sandra Skaggs), Jackie Joseph (Interviewer), Bert E. Holland (Old man), Tamar Cooper (Receptionist), Marco Battaglia, Robin Cohen, Jack Stryker, Dennis McCarthy, Maureen Reagan, Gregg Forest, Andy Stone, Rori King, Lance Gordon, Bill Dyer, Pamela Davenport, Laura Gile, Judith Woodbury, June Fenley, Kathy Longinaker, Sharri Zak, Dave Armstrong.

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