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A Shadow in the Streets

john richard bianco james

(NBC, 1/28/1975, 90 mins). This pilot for a prospective TV series dealt with a tough ex convict (Tony Lo Bianco) who tries to build a new life on the outside as a parole agent in an experimental paraprofessional program.

Production Company Playboy Productions. Director Richard Donner. Executive Producer Hugh Hefner. Producers John D.F. Black, Richard Donner. Teleplay John D.F. Black. Photography Gayne Rescher Music Charles Bernstein. Supervising Editor David Rawlins. Editor Dale MacKay.

Cast Tony Lo Bianco (Pete Mackey), Sheree North (Gina Pulaski), Dana Andrews (Len Raeburn), Ed Lauter (Siggy Taylor), Jesse Welles (Debby), Bill Henderson (Leroy Marcus Benson), Dick Balduzzi (Bense), John Sylvester White (Cavelli), Lee deBroux (Lee), Lieux Dressler (Lila), Richard Keith (Steemson), Sherwood Price (Gardner), Jack O’Leary (Hazlett), Timothy Thomerson (Chick), Louis James Oliver (Ducky), Dee Timberlake (Corinne), Elizabeth Thompson (Betty), James Jeter (Travis), Nelson Cuevas (Perez), Read Morgan (John), Bill Woodward (Buchanan), Russ Grieve (Warehouseman), Denise Demirjian (Waitress), Lina Raymond (Ticket clerk), Laura Owens (Hooker).

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