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Shadow on the Land

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(ABC, 12/4/1968, 120 mins). A provocative attempt to show America under the grip of a totalitarian government and a secret underground force battling an iron fisted dictator. Former child star Jackie Cooper returned to acting in this one after many years as a television executive, producer and director. Gene Hackman, on the other hand, made one of his last TV acting appearances before hitting the big time in films.

Production Companies Screen Gems, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Richard C. Sarafian. Producer Matthew Rapf. Teleplay Nedrick Young. Photography Fred J. Koenekamp. Music Sol Kaplan. Editor Henry Batista. Art Director Ross Bellah.

Cast Jackie Cooper (Lt. Col. Andy Davis), John Forsythe (Gen. Wendell Bruce), Gene Hackman (Rev. Thomas Davis), Carol Lynley (Abigail Tyler), Marc Strange (Maj. Shepherd McCloud), Janice Rule (Captain Everett), Michael Margotta (Timothy Willing), Bill Walker (Arnold), Scott Thomas (Felting), Myron Healey (General Hemstead), Frederic Downs (Drucker), Jonathan Lippe (Lieutenant Allen), Mickey Sholdar (Paul), Ronnie Eckstein (David), Sandy Kevin (Ben), Ken Swofford (Private), Kay Stewart (Sergeant O’Hara), Paul Sorensen (Bricker), Paulene Myers (Webber).

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