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She Lives

girl newspaper based paul

(ABC, 9/12/1973, 90 mins). Two lonely college students meet through a newspaper ad and share an idyllic love until the girl discovers she has a terminal illness, and the couple begin a frantic search to find a doctor, researcher or anyone who can help them. Based on Paul Neimark’s 1972 novel.

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director Stuart R. Hagmann. Executive Producer Lawrence Turman. Producer Stan Margulies. Teleplay Elizabeth Gill. Based on the Novel by Paul Neimark. Photography Ronald W. Browne. Song “Circles” written and performed by Harry Chapin. Song “Time in a Bottle” written and performed by Jim Croce. Editor Rita Roland. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Desi Arnaz Jr. (Andy Reed), Season Hubley (Pam Rainey), Anthony Zerbe (Dr. Wellman), Michael Margotta (Al Reed), Jack Soo (Dr. Osikawa), Jay Robinson (Dr. Mayhill), Bill Striglos (Lab instructor), Jennifer Kulik (Sue Stern), Eleanor Zee (Cashier), Karen Anders (Dean’s secretary), Diane Civita (Newspaper ad girl), Eddie Quillan (Janitor), Clay Tanner (Policeman), Sharon Madigan (Dr. Wellman’s nurse), Jenny Goman (Little girl).

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