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Shell Game

jack robert davidson gary

(CBS, 5/9/1975, 90 mins). A heist romp that has a convicted con man risking another prison term by setting out in Robin Hood style to fleece the crooked head of a big charity fund who has been diverting the money to cover gambling losses. This “Sting” carbon, spurred by the enormous success of the Newman Redford movie, turned out to be an unsuccessful pilot for a series with singer John Davidson.

Production Company Thoroughbred Productions. Director Glenn Jordan. Producer Harold Jack Bloom. Teleplay Harold Jack Bloom. Photography Gerald Hirschfeld. Music Lenny Stack. Editor Aaron Stell. Art Director Walter M. Simonds.

Cast John Davidson (Max Castle), Tom Atkins (Stoker Frye), Robert Sampson (Stephen Castle), Maria O’Brien (Lola Ramirez), Jack Kehoe (Lyle Rettig), Joan Van Ark (Shirley), Louise Latham (Mrs. Margolin), Karen Machon (Susan), Robert Symonds (Carruthers), Gary Sandy (Bellhop), Cliff Emmich (Carmichael), Lance Taylor Sr. (Sammy), Gary Pagett (Tim Carson), Peter Gonneau (Louis), Signe Hasso (Countess), Deborah Sherman (Bonnie), Jason Wingreen (Klein), Frank Corsentino, Don Diamond.

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