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Sherlock Holmes in New York

john adler moriarty director

(NBC, 10/18/1976, 120 mins). There is an affectionate bow to Conan Doyle’s master sleuth in this lavishly produced original that has Holmes rushing to New York City after discovering that his old nemesis, Moriarty, not only has kidnapped the son of his (Holmes’) longtime love, actress Irene Adler, but also has hatched a scheme to steal the world’s gold supply, squirreled away under Union Square in lower Manhattan.

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Boris Sagal. Executive Producer Nancy Malone. Producer John Cutts. Teleplay Alvin Sapinsley. Based on Characters Created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Richard Rodney Bennett. Editor Samuel E. Beetley. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull.

Cast Roger Moore (Sherlock Holmes), John Huston (Prof. James Moriarty), Patrick Macnee (Dr. John Watson), Gig Young (Mortimer McGrew), Charlotte Rampling (Irene Adler), David Huddleston (Inspector Lafferty), Signe Hasso (Frau Reichenbach), Leon Ames (Daniel Furman), John Abbott (Heller/butler), Jackie Coogan (Hotel Haymarket proprietor), Maria Grimm (Nicole Romaine), Marjorie Bennett (Mrs. Hudson), Geoffrey Moore (Scott Adler), William Benedict (Telegraph office manager), Paul Sorensen (Moriarty henchman), Robert E. Ball (Charles Nickers), John Steadman (Stage doorman), Gil Perkins (Carriage driver).

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