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She's Dressed to Kill

designer weitz models gooch

(NBC, 12/10/1979, 120 mins). Eleanor Parker, in the best Tallulah Bankhead style, is a once reigning fashion designer who assembles a group of her top models, a fashion photographer, several critics, and her best customers at her mountaintop retreat for a comeback gala, only to have someone start bumping off the guests one by one. Subsequently this was titled “Someone’s Killing the World’s Greatest Models.”

Production Companies Barry Weitz Films, Grant Case McGrath Enterprises. Director Gus Trikonis. Producers Barry Weitz, Merrill Grant. Teleplay George Lefferts. Photography Thomas Del Ruth. Music George Romanis. Editor Ira Heymann. Art Director Sidney Z. Litwack. Costume Designer Travilla.

Cast Eleanor Parker (Regine Danton), John Rubinstein (Alan Lenz), Jessica Walter (Irene Barton), Connie Sellecca (Alix Goldman), Jim McMullan (David Barton), Clive Revill (Victor De Salle), Gretchen Corbett (Laura Gooch), Barbara Cason (Deenie Gooch), Cathee Shirriff (Kate Bedford), Corinne Calvet (Colette), Joanna Cassidy (Camille Bettencourt), Marianne McAndrew (Lorna), Seamon Glass (Luke), Peter Horton (Tony Smith), Jonathan Banks (Rudy Stryker), Casey Brown (Jacqueline), Gail Joy (Marissa Newport), Russ Marin, Noah Keen, Walter Mathews, Eugene Peterson, Grayce Spence, Lister Shaw, Louise Clark, Marlena Amey, Cassandra Gaviola.

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