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(CBS, 3/21/1974, 90 mins). Based on the 1971 comedy western “Skin Game,” this lark, a pilot to a prospective series that never materialized, had a couple of hapless post Civil War con men, one black, one white, on the sagebrush trail trying to collect a $15,000 bounty on an outlaw’s head. Lou Gossett re created the role he played in the original film, while Larry Hagman stepped in to take over James Garner’s big-screen role.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Burt Kennedy. Producer Burt Kennedy. Teleplay William Bowers. Based on Characters Created by Richard Alan Simmons. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music David Shire. Editor Michael Pozen. Art Director Bill Malley.

Cast Larry Hagman (Quince), Louis Gossett Jr. (Jason), Blythe Danner (Prudy Jenkins), Jack Elam (Boss), Harry Morgan (Sheriff Jenkins), Gene Evans (Sam), Noah Beery (Tom), Hal Williams (Max), Dick Peabody (Ed), Denver Pyle (Drunk), John Beck (Luke), Tyler McVey (Jones), Billy Shannon (Carl).

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