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(CBS, 4/26/1978, 120 mins). A drama about a community of senior citizens who are terrorized by a ruthless neighborhood gang. After learning that the police are stymied because the victims are too scared to testify against the bullying leader, the semi retired toolmaker (Martin Balsam) decides to take a stand.

Production Company Titus Productions. Director Richard Pearce. Executive Producer Herbert Brodkin. Producer Robert ‘Buzz’ Berger. Teleplay Conrad Bromberg. Photography Alan Metzger. Music Charles Gross. Editor Stephen A. Rotter. Art Director Robert Gundlach. Associate Producer Thomas DeWolfe.

Cast Martin Balsam (Henry Fancher), Sylvia Sidney (Lillian Gordon), Dorian Harewood (Simon), James Sutorius (Lt. Don Riegel), Rashel Novikoff (Mrs. Shapiro), Antonia Rey (Mrs. Terranova), Albert M. Ottenheimer (Mr. Lubin), Leslie Nicol (Mrs. Doyle), Ted Butler (Mr. Johnson), Joseph Sullivan (Mr. Hegen), Jety Herlick (Mrs. Mikowski), Mila Conway (Mrs. Camacho), Lloyd Hollar (Sergeant Doan), Alex Colon (Sergeant Bermudez), Larry B. Scott (Ronald), Peter Acevedo (Mikey), Dadi Pinero (Carlos), Wanda Velez (Renée), Maryce Carter (Mrs. Wooten), Carol Nadell (Mrs. Fiebel), Fred Morsell (Mr. Miles), Kurt Garfield, Sharon Madden, Arthur Burghardt.

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