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The Silence

captain pelosi cadet producer

(NBC, 11/6/1975, 90 mins). This fact based drama has a West Point cadet reliving for a TV playwright his experiences of being subjected to total exile after being accused of violating the school’s honor code. Filmed on location in New York.

Production Companies Edgar J. Scherick Associates, Palomar Pictures. Director Joseph Hardy. Executive Producer Edgar J. Scherick. Producer Bridget Potter. Teleplay Stanley R. Greenberg. Photography Jack Priestley. Music Maurice Jarre. Editor Alan Heim. Art Director Mel Bourne. Associate Producer Robert Greenhut.

Cast Richard Thomas (Cadet James Pelosi), Cliff Gorman (Stanley Greenberg), George Hearn (Captain Nichols), Percy Granger (Captain Harris), James Mitchell. (Colonel Mack), John Kellogg (Court president), Charles Frank (Cadet captain), Andrew Duncan (Mr. Pelosi), Malcolm Groom (Andy), Peter Weller (Red Sash), Michael Cooke (Tom Thorne), John Carpenter (Mr. Keene), Cynthia Grover (Elaine), Elaine Hyman (Mrs. Pelosi), Polly Holliday (Mrs. Watson/Nichols’ secretary), Dick Shoberg (Chuck), Craig Wasson (Hal), Lionel Pina (Pete).

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