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Silent Victory: The Kitty O'Neil Story

director antonio 2nd teacher

(CBS, 2/24/1979, 120 mins). The real life account of a deaf girl who overcomes her handicap to become one of Hollywood’s top stunt-women and holder of the women’s world land speed record in a rocket-powered racing car. Colleen Dewhurst was Emmy Award nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress, and Lou Antonio was nominated as Outstanding Director.

Production Company The Channing Debin Locke Company. Director Lou Antonio. Executive Producers David Debin, Duffy Hambleton. Producer R.J. Louis. Teleplay Steven Gethers. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor Jerrold L. Ludwig. Production Designer W. Stewart Campbell. Associate Producer Judith Gill.

Cast Stockard Channing (Kitty O’Neil), James Farentino (Duffy Hambleton), Colleen Dewhurst (Mrs. O’Neil), Edward Albert (Tom Buchanan), Brian Dennehy (John O’Neil), Jim Antonio (Charlie), Dr. Sammy Lee (Himself), Richard Balin (Joel Foster/accountant), Hildy Brooks (Interviewer), George O Petrie (Warren Porter), Noble Willingham (1st doctor), Lisa Blake Richards (Orchestra teacher), Angelique Antonio (Kitty at ages 2-4), Elkin Antonio (Kitty at ages 8-10), Andrius Babusis (Child), George Boyd (2nd teacher), Joan Corley (Child), Norman Field (1st director), Mel Gallagher (2nd doctor), Adam Kaish (Child), Ken Kane (3rd director), Janice Karman (3rd teacher), Fred Lerner (2nd man), Jack Lucarelli (Salesman), Jim Normandin (3rd doctor), Sybil Scotford (1st teacher), Dick Sondergaard (Crewman), Franko C. Spolar (Assistant director), Gene Tyburn (CB man), Robby Weaver (2nd director), William Wheatley (Desk clerk), George Wilbur (Bank clerk), Janet Winter (Receptionist).

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