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Ski Lift to Death

director gerald jim larson

CBS, 3/3/1978, 120 mins). Suspense thriller centering on several people trapped in two derailed ski lift gondolas and facing possible death a couple of ski champions whom a sports promoter is trying to link together romantically, an ex mobster, and a professional assassin who is stalking him.

Production Companies The Jozak Company, Paramount Network Television. Director William Wiard. Executive Producer Gerald W. Abrams. Producers Bruce J. Sallan, Richard Briggs. Teleplay Laurence Heath. Photography Roland ‘Ozzie’ Smith. Music Barry DeVorzon. Editor Gerald J. Wilson. Art Director Trevor Williams.

Cast Deborah Raffin (Lee Larson), Charles Frank (Dick Elston), Howard Duff (Ben Forbes), Don Galloway (Ron Corley), Gail Strickland (Vicki Gordon), Don Johnson (Mike Sloan), Veronica Hamel (Andrea Mason), Clu Gulager (Marv Gillman), Lisa Reeves (Wendy Bryant), Pierre Jalbert (Clevenger), Suzy Chaffee (Ski patroller), Walter Marsh (Joe Larson), Jim Roberts (Whitey), Graham McPherson (John Forbes), Don MacKay (Promoter), Bruce MacLeod (Sheriff), Steve Orchin (Willy), Murray Ord (Don Harwill), Darlene Bradley (Manufacturer’s rep), Trevor Hayden (Minister), Glenn Beck (Dr. Norvel), Tony White (Country singer), Jim Love (Disgruntled skier).

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