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Sky Hei$t

deputy rick william james

(NBC, 5/26/1975, 120 mins). A husband and wife team (Stefanie Powers and Frank Gorshin) devise an ingenious plan to steal $10 million in gold bullion, hijacking a police helicopter as a diversionary tactic. Filmed at Long Beach Airport, Lost Altos Airport, Catalina Island and Burbank Studios.

Production Companies Warner Bros. Television, NBC Productions. Director Lee H. Katzin. Executive Producer Andrew J. Fenady. Producer Rick Rosner. Teleplay Rick Rosner, William F. Nolan. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Leonard Rosenman. Supervising Editor Dann Cahn. Editors Rick Wormell, William Neel. Art Director Jack Martin Smith. Air Sequence James Gavin.

Cast Don Meredith (Sgt. Doug Trumbell), Joseph Campanella (Capt. Monty Ballard), Larry Wilcox (Deputy Jim Schiller), Ken Swofford (Deputy Pat Connelly), Stefanie Powers (Terry Hardings), Frank Gorshin (Ben Hardings), Shelley Fabares (Lisa), Ray Vitte (Deputy Rick Busby), Nancy Belle Fuller (Nan Paige), James Daris (Lt. Bill Hammon), John Davey (Deputy Freedman), R.B. Sorko-Ram (Deputy Pearson), James Chandler (Convair pilot), Steve Marlo (1st gunman), Alex Colon (Deputy Rodriguez), Hunter Von Leer (1st deputy sheriff), Hank Worden (Old coot), Suzanne Somers (Reporter), Ed McReady (2nd gunman), Stan Barrett (Aero bureau mechanic), Steve Franken (Traffic controller), Buck Young (Police officer), Arch Whiting (C.H.P. officer), Philip Mansour, Peter Colt, William Harlow, Joe Ohar, Leslie Thompson, Richard Reed, Bill Catching, Al Wyatt, George Wilbur, Stanley Ralph Ross, Renny Roker, Jim Conners, Trent Dolan, Maralyn Thomas, Robert Jordan, Gloria Fioramonti.

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