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Smash-Up on Interstate 5

officer john lee elleston

(ABC, 12/3/1976, 120 mins). This drama depicts the lives of an all star cast prior to their involvement in a massive 39 car crash on a Southern California freeway over a holiday weekend. Future star Tommy Lee Jones has a small role as a motorcycle cop. Based on the 1973 novel “Expressway” by Elleston Trevor.

Production Company Filmways. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Edward S. Feldman. Producer Roger Lewis. Teleplay Eugene Price, Robert Presnell Jr. Based on a Novel by Elleston Trevor. Photography John M. Nicholaus. Music Bill Conti. Editor John A. Martinelli. Production Designer W. Stewart Campbell.

Cast Robert Conrad (Sgt. Sam Marcum), Sian-Barbara Allen (Barbara Hutton), Buddy Ebsen (Al Pearson), Herbert Edelman (Danny), David Groh (Dale), Scott Jacoby (Lee Bassett), Joe Kapp (Officer Estevez), Sue Lyon (Burnsey), Vera Miles (Erica), Donna Mills (Laureen), Harriet Nelson (June Pearson), George O’Hanlon Jr. (Pete), Terry Moore (Trudy), David Nelson (Officer Berman), Bonnie Ebsen (Penny), Tommy Lee Jones (Officer Hutton), Joel Parks (Andy), Barry Hamilton (Randy).

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