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Sole Survivor

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(CBS, 1/9/1970, 120 mins). The ghosts of the crew of a bomber that crashed in the Libyan desert during World War II return to haunt the navigator, now a general, whom they accuse of desertion when he joins an investigation team sifting through the newly found wreckage 25 years later. This was the maiden production of a new film company formed by CBS.

Production Company Cinema Center 100. Director Paul Stanley. Executive Producer Steve Shagan. Producer Walter Burr. Teleplay Guerdon Trueblood. Photography James Crabe. Music Paul Glass. Editor Renn Reynolds. Art Director William Craig Smith.

Cast Vince Edwards (Maj. Michael Devlin), Richard Basehart (Gen. Russell Hamner), William Shatner (Lt. Col. Joe Gronke), Lou Antonio (Tony), Lawrence Casey (Gant), Dennis Cooney (Brandy), Brad David (Elmo), Patrick Wayne (Mac), Alan Caillou (Corey), Timur Bashtu (Beddo), John Winston (British pilot), David Cannon (Captain Patrick), Noah Keen (General Shurin), Ian Abercrombie (British copilot), Bart Burns (Older senator), Julie Bennett (Amanda).

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