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Someone's Watching Me!

john robert carpenter producer

(NBC, 11/29/1978, 120 mins). A suspense tale about a career gal (Lauren Hutton) who becomes the target of a terror campaign by an unknown man in a neighboring high rise and who takes matters into her own hands when she cannot get protection form the police. “High Rise” was the original title for this one.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director John Carpenter. Executive Producer Richard Kobritz. Producer Anna Cottle. Teleplay John Carpenter. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Harry Sukman. Editor Jerry Taylor. Art Director Phil Barber.

Cast Lauren Hutton (Leigh Michaels), David Birney (Paul Winkless), Adrienne Barbeau (Sophie), Charles Cyphers (Gary Hunt), James Murtaugh (Leone), Grainger Hines (Steve), Len Lesser (Burly man), John Mahon (Frimsin), J. Jay Saunders (Police Inspector), Michael Laurence (TV announcer), George Skaff (Herbert Stiles), Robert Phalen (Wayne), Robert Snively (Graves), Jean Le Bouvier (Waitress), James G. McAlpine (Slick man), Edgar Justice (Charlie), John J. Fox (Eddie).

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