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Something for a Lonely Man

duren john dan henry

(NBC, 11/26/1968, 120 mins). A gentle Western with Dan Blocker in his own starring TV movie role as a blacksmith outcast who tries to atone to the townsfolk who followed him West and built a town later bypassed by the railroad, and who finally finds the way with the love of a good woman, a book of Emerson’s essays, and a steam engine that derails nearby.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Don Taylor. Producer Richard E. Lyons. Teleplay Frank Fenton, John Fante. Photography Benjamin H. Kline. Music Jack Marshall. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director Henry Larrecq.

Cast Dan Blocker (John Killibrew), Susan Clark (Mary Duren), John Dehner (Sam Ball), Warren Oates (Angus Duren), Paul Peterson (Pete Duren), Don Stroud (Eben Duren), Henry Jones (R.J. Hoferkamp), Sandy Kenyon (Bleeck), Edgar Buchanan (Old Man Wolenski), Tom Nolan (Rafe Runkel), Conlan Carter (Doc Gillespie), Dub Taylor (Sheriff), Grady Sutton (Male secretary), Joan Shawlee (Hooker), Ralph Neff (Preacher), Iron Eyes Cody (Indian).

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