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The Storyteller

richard davidson william levinson

(NBC, 12/5/1977, 120 mins). A veteran television writer (played by Martin Balsam) is troubled by charges that his teleplay motivated a boy to actions that caused his death. Richard Levinson and William Link received Emmy Award nominations for their original story.

Production Companies Fairmount-Foxcroft Productions, Universal Television. Director Robert Markowitz. Executive Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music David Shire. Editor Bud S. Isaacs. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull.

Cast Martin Balsam (Ira Davidson), Patty Duke Astin (Sue Davidson), Doris Roberts (Marion Davidson), Rose Gregorio (Mrs. Eberhardt), James Daly (Arthur Huston), Jon Korkes (Randolph), Dick Anthony Williams (Anthony), Tom Aldredge (Fred Eberhardt), David Spielberg (Louis Kellogg), James Staley (Paul Temperson), Peter Masterson (Lee Gardner), Milt Kogan (Phil Curry), Ivan Bonar (Russ Whitman), Susan Adams (Peggy McCall), Shelby Balik (Chrissie), Richard Lepore (Fire captain), Lieux Dressler (Housewife), Nina Wilcox (1st woman), Louis St. Louis (Conductor).

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