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stephen cannell weaver producer

(CBS, 8/26/1979, 120 mins). Dennis Weaver is a Joseph Wambaugh-type novelist cop and Pat Hingle is his hard-nosed superior who wants him to stick to police work or get off the force in this pilot to the short-lived (eight episodes) series that ran from January to March 1980.

Production Companies Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Universal Television. Director Corey Allen. Executive Producer Stephen J. Cannell. Producers Don Carlos Dunaway, J. Rickly Dumm. Supervising Producer Alex Beaton. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell. Based on a Story by Richard Levinson, William Link, Stephen J. Cannell. Photography Woody Omens. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Theme song by Dennis Weaver. Song Performed by Nancy Ames. Editor Rod Stephens. Art Director Lou Montejano.

Cast Dennis Weaver (Daniel Ellis Stone), Pat Hingle (Deputy Chief Gene Paulton), Roy Thinnes (Det. Cliff Bell), Joby Baker (Murray Weinstock), Joey Forman (Morty Ruskin), Kim Hamilton (Carla Brown), Vic Morrow (Morgan Teckington), Tom Pedi (Aaron Abromowitz), David Spielberg (Lt. Carey Roth), Mel Stewart (Captain Patchett), Steve Allen (Himself), Mariette Hartley (Dianne Stone), Tara Buckman (Olivia de Carl), Nancy McKeon (Jill Stone), Phillip Pine (Movie producer), Lynn Wood (Judge Grace Curcio), Alice Frost (Aunt Ella), Colby Chester, William Bronder.

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