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Standing Tall

producer robert martin shasta

(NBC, 1/21/1978, 120 mins). A small time half breed cattle rancher, struggling to eke out a Depression era existence, is subjected to a terror campaign after refusing to sell out to a ruthless land baron.

Production Company Quinn Martin Productions. Director Harvey Hart. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Martin Katz. Teleplay Franklin D. Thompson. Photography Stevan Larner. Music Richard Marko witz. Editor Jim Gross. Art Director George B. Chan. Associate Producer Edward Teets.

Cast Robert Forster (Luke Shasta), Will Sampson (Lonny Moon), L.Q. Jones (Nate Rackley), Robert Donner (Sheriff Brumfield), Ron Hayes (Elroy Bones), Buck Taylor (George Fewster), Linda Evans (Jill Shasta), Chuck Connors (Maj. Roland Hartline), Faith Quabius (Anne Klinger), Dani Janssen (Ginny Tarver), Lee deBroux (Bob Workett), Robert Gentry (Tom Sparkman), Eddie Firestone (Strickland), Bryan Montgomery (Capt. Earl Hinton), Regis J. Cordic (Hodges), David Lewis (Judge Lang), B. Joe Medley (Cargill), Sean Adams (Colonel Dahlgreen), Ron Lillard (Announcer).

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