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SST- Death Flight

robert passenger director abc

(ABC, 2/25/1977, 120 mins). The inaugural flight of America’s first supersonic transport is launched with a celebrity-studded passenger list (familiar TV faces all), but the plane may never land. During filming, this was called “Flight of the Maiden,” and for its overseas showings it was titled simply “Death Flight.” Subsequently titled “SST: Disaster in the Sky.”

Production Company ABC Circle Films. Director David Lowell Rich. Producer Ron Roth. Teleplay Meyer Dolinsky, Robert L Joseph, William Roberts. Based on a Story by Guerdon Trueblood. Photography Joseph Biroc. Music John Cacavas. Editor Pembroke J. Herring. Art Director Peter M. Wooley.

Cast Barbara Anderson (Carla Stanley), Bert Convy (Tim Vernon), Peter Graves (Paul Whitley), Lorne Greene (Marshall Cole), Season Hubley (Anne Redding), Tina Louise (Mae), George Maharis (Les Philips), Burgess Meredith (Willy Basset), Doug McClure (Hank Fairbanks), Martin Milner (Lyle Kingman), Brock Peters (Dr. Ralph Therman), Robert Reed (Capt. Jim Walsh), Susan Strasberg (Nancy Kingman), Misty Rowe (Angela Garland), Billy Crystal (David), John de Lancie (Bob Connors), Chrystie Jenner (Kathy), Regis Philbin (Harry Carter), Robert Ito (Roy Nakamura/flight engineer), Tom Stewart (Eric Brant), Sherwood Price (Mickey), Paul Napier (Eddy), Tim Pell (Linus), Alain Patrick (Controller Girard), Richard Derr (Governor Stensky), Ric Carrott (Reporter), Shawn Randall (Passenger), Walter Maslow (Passenger).

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