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The Spy Killer

jimmy john sangster productions

(ABC, 11/11/1969, 90 mins). Filmed in the autumn of 1968 back to back with “Foreign Exchange” (shown in the U.S. initially in January 1970), this spy caper focuses on a private eye who finds himself framed for murder by his old employer, the British Secret Service, and pressed into locating a mysterious notebook filled with names of agents working for Red China. Based on Jimmy Sangster’s 1968 novel “Private I.”

Production Companies Halsan Productions, ABC Productions. Director Roy Baker. Executive Producer Harold Cohen. Producer Jimmy Sangster. Teleplay Jimmy Sangster. Based on a Novel by Jimmy Sangster. Photography Arthur Grant. Music Philip Martel. Editor Spencer Reeve. Art Director Scott MacGregor.

Cast Robert Horton (John Smith), Sebastian Cabot (Max), Jill St. John (Mary Harper), Eleanor Summerfield (Miss Roberts), Lee Montague (Igor), Douglas Sheldon (Alworthy), Robert Russell (Police sergeant), Barbara Shelley (Danielle), Donald Morley (Dunning), Kenneth Warren (Diaman), Philip Mardoc (Gar), Peter Capaldi, Timothy Bateson, Douglas Blackwell, Sonny Caldinez, John Slavid, Anthony Stamboulieh.

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