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(NBC, 1/6/1975, 90 mins). The pilot film for a prospective series called “Vector,” in which a team of U.S. Public Health epidemiologists must trace the cause of health hazards that may start epidemics. Several plot threads: an entire grammar school is afflicted with an unidentified itching rash; a female victim of a rare strain of venereal disease is resistant to standard treatment; a group of European travelers are felled by typhoid; a series of unexplained accidents plague soap factory workers.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Quine. Executive Producer Robert A. Cinader. Teleplay Preston Wood, Robert A. Cinader. Photography Bud F. Mautino. Music Billy May. Editor Robert Watts. Art Director Phil Barber.

Cast Robert York (Urich) (Dr. William Nugent), Maureen Reagan (Dr. Christine Scofield), Jack Hogan (Dr. Edward Grey), Jed Allan (Dick Rawdon), Alfred Ryder (Dr. Al Marsden), Harry Townes (Dr.Burkhart), Lillian Lehman (Resident Doctor), Corinne Camacho (Ruth Conoyer), Anne Whitfield (Mrs. Vanier), Jackie Coogan (Roger), David Lewis (Dave), Chris Anders (Erich), John Erich (Officer), Paul Kant (1st doctor), Sidney Miller (Bartender), Priscilla Morrill (Mrs. Stinnett), Dolores Quinton (Fat Lathrop), Walter Stocker (Ernest Lathrop), Walter Alzman (Telescope man), Kyla Anderson (Sylvia).

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