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Special Olympics

gallitzin james kevin rachel

(CBS, 2/22/1978, 120 mins). A widowed father (Charles Durning) struggles to hold together his family of three teenagers, one of whom is mentally retarded and enrolled in a state school for “special” children where he finds self fulfillment in his love of sports, emulating his older, athletic brother. Filmed in Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Subsequently titled “A Special Kind of Love.”

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director Lee Philips. Executive Producer Roger Gimbel. Producers Marc Trabulus, Merrit Malloy, Tony Converse. Teleplay John Sacret Young. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Peter Matz. Editor George Jay Nicholson, John V. LaBarbera. Art Director James Murakami.

Cast Charles Durning (Carl Gallitzin), Irene Tedrow (Elmira Gallitzin), Mare Winningham (Janice Gallitzin), Phil Brown (Michael Gallitzin), George Parry (Matthew Gallitzin), Herbert Edelman (Doug Ransom), Debra Winger (Sherie Hensley), Constance McCashin (Trina Cunningham), James Calvin Nelson (Dr. Brennaman), Nat Simmons (Ron Burton), Kevin Condit (Kevin), Bruce Bliven (Bruce), Lisa Ann Cordova (Lisa), James King (Jimmy), Rachel Chavez (Rachel), Brian Schoderbek (Brian), Richard Martinez (Richard), Mervyn Smith (Merv), Kelly B. Goon (Kelly), Rebecca E. Voss (Becky), Steve Bill Maier (Steve), David Tedrich (David).

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