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The Sound of Anger

roy huggins director james

(NBC, 12/10/1968, 120 mins). A courtroom drama involving two attorneys, brothers as well as partners in a law firm that is called on to represent a young man accused of murdering his girlfriend’s wealthy father, and the gruff senior partner who guides them through the intricacies of the case. This was the initial plot for “The Lawyers” segment of “The Bold Ones,” the series (1969-72) that presented on a rotating basis dramas involving medicine, the law and the police. The formidable Burl Ives continued in the subsequent series along with James Farentino, while Guy Stockwell was replaced by Joseph Campanella.

Production Companies Roy Huggins Productions, Universal Television. Director Michael Ritchie. Producer Roy Huggins. Teleplay Dick Nelson. Based on a Story by Roy Huggins. Photography Gene Polito. Music Pete Rugolo. Editor Carl Pingitore. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer. Costumes Burton Miller.

Cast Burl Ives (Walter Nichols), Guy Stockwell (Brad Darrell), James Farentino (Neil Darrell), Dorothy Provine (Marge Carruthers), Charles Aidman (Gerald Thompson), Jay C. Flippen (Judge Prentiss), Lynda Day (Barbara Keeley), David Macklin (Barry Kochek), Dana Elcar (Andrew Pearce), Collin Wilcox (Ann Kochek), John Milford (Sheriff Turner), Shannon Farnon (Dorothy Daley), Nina Roman (Jody Schaeffer), George Murdock (Grebe), Gene Dynarski (Lieutenant Morrisey), Arch Whiting (2nd sheriff).

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