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Sooner or Later

hart skye band bruce

(NBC, 3/25/1979, 120 mins). An anxious 13 year old girl (Denise Miller) dreams of being a grown up and tries to make herself look older in order to attract the rock idol she’s fallen for. Filmed on location in Yonkers, New York.

Production Companies Laughing Willow Company, NBC Productions. Director Bruce Hart. Producer Carole Hart. Teleplay Bruce Hart, Carole Hart. Photography Edward R. Brown. Music Stephen Lawrence. Songs by Bruce Hart, Stephen Lawrence. Songs performed by Rex Smith. Editors Eric Albertson, Patrick McMahon. Art Director Stephen Hendrickson.

Cast Denise Miller (Jessie Walters), Rex Smith (Michael Skye), Barbara Feldon (Lois Walters), Judd Hirsch (Bob Walters), Lilia Skala (Grandma), Morey Amsterdam (Eddie Nova), Vivian Blaine (Cosmetic saleslady), Lynn Redgrave (Teacher), Mary Beth Manning (Caroline), Maia Danziger (Karen), Edward Green (Dr. Donnie), Paul Mones (Arnie), Grace Davies (Connie), Tara King (Agnes), Cheryl Francis (Debbie), Emily Bindiger (Skye Band member), Mark Cunningham (Skye Band member), Lenny Mancuso (Skye Band member), Leroy Woodside Jr. (Skye Band member).

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