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Strange New World

graham richard ronald robert

(ABC, 7/13/1975, 120 mins). A science-fiction adventure with three astronauts returning to earth after 180 years in suspended animation and finding scientists who have developed eternal life and primitives who live with jungle beasts. This pilot film for a prospective series subsequently was edited to 90 minutes from its original two-hour running time for syndicated showings.

Production Company Warner Bros. Television. Director Robert Butler. Executive Producers Walon Green, Ronald F. Graham. Producer Robert E. Larson. Teleplay Walon Green, Ronald F. Graham, Al Ramrus. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music Elliot Kaplan, Richard Clements. Editors David Newhouse, Melvin Shapiro. Art Director Jack Martin Smith. Associate Producer Ric Rondell.

Cast John Saxon (Capt. Anthony Vico), Kathleen Miller (Dr. Allison Crowley), Keene Curtis (Dr. William Scott), James Olson (The Surgeon), Martin Beswick (Tana), Reb Brown (Sprang), Ford Rainey (Sirus), Bill McKinney (Badger), Gerrit Graham (Daniel), Cynthia Wood (Araba), Catherine Bach (Lara/guide), Norland Benson (Hide), Richard Farnsworth (Elder).

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