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The Stranger

steve sanford gerald alan

(NBC, 2/26/1973, 120 mins). A sci-fi thriller about an astronaut’s frantic efforts to come home after crashing on Terra, the twin planet of Earth, and finding himself marked for extermination. Later known as “Stranded in Space.”

Production Companies Bing Crosby Productions, Fenady Associates. Director Lee H Katzin. Executive Producer Andrew J Fenady. Producers Alan A. Armer, Gerald Sanford. Teleplay Gerald Sanford. Created by Gerald Sanford. Photography Keith C. Smith. Music Richard Markowitz. Editor Melvin Shapiro, Nick Archer. Art Director Stan Jolley.

Cast Glenn Corbett (Neil Stryker), Cameron Mitchell (George Benedict), Sharon Acker (Dr. Bettina Cooke), Lew Ayres (Prof. Dylan MacAuley), George Coulouris (Max Greene), Steve Franken (Henry Maitland), Dean Jagger (Carl Webster), Tim O’Connor (Dr. Revere), Jerry Douglas (Steve Perry), Arch Whiting (Mike Frome), H.M. Wynant (Eric Sconer), Virginia Gregg (Secretary), Buck Young (Tom Nelson), William Bryant (Trucker), Steve Marlo, Margaret Field, Philip Manson, Alan Foster, Ben Wright, Gregg Shannon, Jonathan Blake, William Harlow, Peg Stewart, James Chandler, Heather McCoy, Jeanne Bates, Joie Magidow, Kathleen M. Schultz.

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