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The Stranger Who Looks Like Me

adoptee adoptive real denver

(ABC, 3/6/1974, 90 mins). The drama of an adopted girl searching for her real mother with the help of a young man who also is looking for the parents who gave him up. Meredith Baxter’s real-life mother, Whitney Blake, plays the real mother of the girl in the story.

Production Companies Lillian Gallo Entertainment, Filmways. Director Larry Peerce. Executive Producer Edward S. Feldman. Producer Lillian Gallo. Teleplay Gerald DiPego. Photography Mario Tosi. Music George Aliceson Tipton. Theme song performed by Paul Williams. Editor Eve Newman. Art Director Lawrence G. Paull.

Cast Beau Bridges (Chris Schroeder), Meredith Baxter (Joanne Denver), Walter Brooke (Mr. Denver), Neva Patterson (Mrs. Denver), Whitney Blake (Emma Verko), Woodrow Chambliss (Paul), Ford Rainey (Mr. Gilbert), Maxine Stuart (Mrs. Weiner), Patricia Harty (Carol Sutton), Mary Murphy (Mrs. Quayle), Bill Vint (Bob), Anne Barton (Mrs. Carter), Warren Miller (Mike Sutton), Linda Morrow (Gloria), Victor Bevine (Gary), Cecil Elliot (Gramma Dupre), Jan Arvan (Uncle Charles), Biff Elliot (Charles Verko), Tom Moses (Clerk), Sylvia Walden (Adoptive parent), Millie Slavin (Adoptive parent), Hampton Fancher (Adoptive parent), Jocelyn Jones (Adoptee), Susan Adams (Adoptee), Patrick Duffy (Adoptee), Warren Seabury (Adoptee).

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