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Strangers: The Story of a Mother and Daughter

davis spencer bette guzman

(CBS, 5/13/1979, 120 mins). Drama about a dying woman who returns to the home of her widowed mother after an absence of 20 years and how their bitter estrangement slowly turns to love. This double tour de force for Bette Davis and Gena Rowlands was a heralded first effort for writer Michael de Guzman and premiered rightly on Mother’s Day 1979. Bette Davis won an Emmy Award for her performance.

Production Company Chris Rose Productions. Director Milton Katselas. Producers Rick Rosenberg, Robert W. Christiansen. Teleplay Michael de Guzman. Photography James Crabe. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Millie Moore. Production Designers Albert Brenner, Harry Horner. Art Director Spencer Deverill. Associate Producer Ric Rondell.

Cast Bette Davis (Lucy Mason), Gena Rowlands (Abigail Mason), Ford Rainey (Mr. Meecham), Donald Moffat (Wally Ball), Whit Bissell (Dr. Henry Blodgett), Royal Dano (Mr. Willis), Kate Riehl (Mrs. Brighton), Krishan Timberlake (Louis Spencer), Renee McDonell (Joan Spencer), Sally Kemp (Mildred Sloate), Don Fosse, John Zumino, Jay Coffman, Grail Dawson.

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