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The Streets of L.A.

zamora duster corona allende

(CBS, 11/13/1979, 120 mins). Joanne Woodward takes on the vigilante role of a female Charles Bronson, embarking on a lone pursuit of three teenaged hoods in the Los Angeles barrio after becoming incensed by their malicious tire-slashing on parked cars including hers. Initially it was called simply “East L.A.” Spanish-language film star Fernando Allende made his American movie debut as the lead tough.

Production Company George Englund Productions. Director Jerrold Freedman. Producer George Englund. Teleplay Marvin A. Gluck. Photography Allen Daviau. Music Jimmie Haskell. Editor John F. Link. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer.

Cast Joanne Woodward (Carol Schramm), Robert Webber (Ralph Salkin), Michael C. Gwynne (Walter Kiner), Audrey Christie (Mrs. Wellman), Isela Vega (Anita Zamora), Pepe Serna (Sergeant Castro), Cliff Emmich (Mason/dress buyer), Mercedes Alberti (Mrs. Corona), James Victor (Mr. Corona), Miguel Pinero (2nd duster), Tony Plana (Alberto “Toto” Corona), Fernando Allende (Ramon “Gallo” Zamora), Katherine Pass (Sally), Tom Trujillo (Feliciano “Chano” Beltran), Roger Harkenrider (Ray), Maria Guadalupe Angulo (Maria Zamora), Christopher Doyle (1st duster), John Escobar (3rd duster), Art Falcon (Raul), Nick Falcon (‘Cougher’), Jerrold Freedman (Tire salesman), Gilbert Saldana (Roberto), Luis Sanchez (Parking lot attendant).

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