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The Streets of San Francisco

quinn douglas malden’s edward

(ABC, 9/16/1972, 120 mins). A street-smart veteran cop and his young college educated partner go after the killer of a girl by systematically piecing together her last moves and come upon her junkie brother, a closed-mouth corporation lawyer and someone claiming to be her uncle. This pilot to the hit series (1972-77) marked Karl Malden’s TV movie debut and his first work in the medium in more than 20 years. It teamed him with Michael Douglas, the son of Malden’s old acting pal from the late 1930s, Kirk Douglas. The series that followed would be the younger Douglas’ only one.

Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Walter Grauman. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producers Adrian Samish, Arthur Fellows. Teleplay Edward Hume. Based on a Novel by Carolyn Weston. Photography Jack Swain, William W. Spencer. Music Patrick Williams. Editor Richard Brockway. Art Director Hoyle Barrett.

Cast Karl Malden (Lt. Mike Stone), Robert Wagner (David J. Farr), Michael Douglas (Insp. Steve Keller), Andrew Duggan (Capt. A.R. Malone), Tom Bosley (Saretti), John Rubinstein (Lindy), Carmen Mathews (Sally Caswell), Edward Andrews (Joe Caswell), Larry Dobkin (Gregory Praxas), Kim Darby (Holly Jean Berry), Mako (Kenji), Brad David (Del Berry), Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Saretti), Lou Frizzell (Lou), June Vincent (Diana), William Swan (Larry Pyle), Bill Quinn, Richard Brian Harris, Don Soruance, Victor Millan, Robert Mandan, George Burrafato, Justin Smith, Ed Hall, Don Ross, Joe Miksak, Ryan MacDonald, Tina Menard.

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