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Studs Lonigan

james john haggerty harry

(NBC, 3/7/1979 to 3/21/1979, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). The television adaptation drawn from James T. Farrell’s once-banned-for-being-oh-so-racy ‘30s trilogy (“Young Lonigan,” “The Young Manhood of Studs Lonigan” and “Judgment Day”) about the struggles and growing pangs of a self-destructive Depression-era Chicago youth introduced to TV viewers the rough-hewn Harry Hamlin, who not long before had made an auspicious debut in films in “Movie, Movie.” Superior in every way to the previous B-movie filming of the Farrell classic in1960, with another virtual unknown, Christopher Knight, in the lead (Knight remained an unknown), this six-hour version nonetheless failed to catch fire despite Reginald Rose’s literate teleplay and the strong performances of veterans like Charles Durning and Colleen Dewhurst as Studs’ parents. Emmy Award nominations went to “Studs Lonigan” for Outstanding Art/Set Direction for both Part 1 and Part 3 (it won for the latter).

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director James Goldstone. Executive Producers Lee Rich, Philip Capice. Producer Harry R. Sherman. Teleplay Reginald Rose. Based on the Novel by James T Farrell. Photography Terry K. Meade. Music Ken Lauber. Editor Edward A. Biery, Jeff Godison, Ken Zemke. Art Director Jan Scott.

Cast Harry Hamlin (Bill “Studs” Lonigan), Colleen Dewhurst (Mary Lonigan), Brad Dourif (Danny O’Neill), Charles Durning (Paddy Lonigan), Lisa Pelikan (Lucy Scanlon), Diana Scarwid (Catherine Banahan), John Friedrich (Martin Lonigan), James Callahan (Moxey), Devon Ericson (Fran Lonigan), Jessica Harper (Loretta Lonigan), Sam Weisman (Davey Cohen), David Wilson (Weary Riley), Jed Cooper (Phil Rolfe), Dan Shor (Young Studs), Kevin O’Brien (Young Danny), Corey Pepper (Young Davey), Fredric Lehne (Young Weary), Keith Gordon (Young Paulie), Glenn Withrow (Young Red Kelly), Michael K. Haggerty (Paulie Haggerty), Dolph Sweet (Father Gilhooley), Laurie Heineman (Eileen Haggerty), Leslie Ackerman (Helen Borax), Richard B. Shull (Davey’s Father), Nora Heflin (Sally [Prostitute]), Anne Seymour (Nurse), Bob Neill (Carroll), Jay W. MacIntosh, John Chilton, Shelly Juttner, Steffen Zacharias, Meridith Baer, Annie O’Neill, June Whitley Taylor, Darrell Larson, Bob Hastings, Camila Ashland, Angelo Rossito, Betty Cole, Jade McCall, John Furlong, Pamela Hayden, Delos V. Smith, Meridith Baer, Michael Keaton.

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