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Stunt Seven

david poll jack producer

(CBS, 5/30/1979, 120 mins). An intrepid team of stunt experts stage a daring air, sea and land rescue of a kidnapped movie star from the clutches of a suave, modern-day pirate who rules a sovereign fortress state in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. This was a pilot for a prospective adventure series.

Production Company Martin Poll Films. Director John Peyser. Producer Martin Poll. Co Producer William Craver. Teleplay David Shaw. Photography Frank Holgate. Music Bill Conti. Additional Music Jack Eskew, Peter Myers. Supervising Editor Murray Solomon. Production Designer David Chapman. Art Director Joe Aubel.

Cast Christopher Connelly (Hill Singleton), Christopher Lloyd (Skip Hartman), Bob Seagren (Wally Ditweiler), Soon-Teck Oh (Kenny Uto), Brian Brodsky (Horatio Jennings), Juanin Clay (Dinah Lattimore), Morgan Brittany (Elena Sweet), Bill Macy (Frank Wallach), Patrick Macnee (Boudreau), Elke Sommer (Rebecca Wayne), Morgan Paull (John Heinlein), Lynda Beattie (Monica), Santy Josol (Ilya), Robert Ritchie (Harrison), Peter Webster (Ben Hubbard), Ron White (Captain Sellers), Mark Hager (Roy), Gary Krawford, Richard Calliman, Charley Garrett, Jack McDermott, David Blackwood, Bob Baker, William Lithgow, David Landau.

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