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Suddenly, Love

graham malloy mapes robert

(NBC, 12/4/1978, 120 mins). Young lovers she’s a child of the ghetto, determined to escape her alcoholic, bickering parents; he’s a socially prominent attorney with a long-standing health problem—attempt to defy every obstacle to their romance and ultimate marriage.

Production Companies Ross Hunter Productions, Jacque Mapes Productions. Director Stuart Margolin. Producers Ross Hunter, Jacque Mapes. Teleplay Katherine Coker. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music David Rose. Editors Richard Bracken, Sidney Wolinsky. Art Director Kim Swados. Associate Producer Marvin Miller. Costumes Guy Verhille.

Cast Cindy Williams (Regina Malloy), Paul Shenar (Jack Graham), Eileen Heckart (Mrs. Malloy), Joan Bennett (Mrs. Graham), Lew Ayres (Mr. Graham), Kurt Kasznar (Dr. Luria), Kristine DeBell (Helen Malloy), Hayden Rorke (Mr. Webster), Lulu Baxter (Regina at age 8), Nancy Fox (Jane), Max Keller (Male student), John Creamer (Old priest), Richard Rorke (Young priest), Linwood Boomer (Dave Busby), Brian Fuld (Mike Kahn), Douglas Anderson (Bill Evans), Drew Barrymore (Bobby Graham), Joshua Bryant, Michael Ebert, Lynne Adams, Norman Bartold, Scott Brady, Christopher Norris, Diana Chesney, Claudia Bryar, Robert Street, Monica Mancini, Chris Mancini, Jim Galante, Michael Flanagan.

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