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The Suicide's Wife

harrington david factor angie

(CBS, 11/7/1979, 120 mins). Angie Dickinson plays a woman struggling to rebuild her life following her college professor husband’s unexplained suicide and the subsequent feelings that it might have been her fault. In its second network showing, the film, based on the 1978 novel by David Madden, was retitled “A New Life.”

Production Company Factor Newland Productions. Director John Newland. Producer Alan Jay Factor. Teleplay Dennis Nemec. Based on the Novel by David Madden. Photography Michael D. Margulies. Music David Raksin. Editor Dann Cahn. Art Director Elayne Barbara Ceder. Associate Producer Dann Cahn.

Cast Angie Dickinson (Diana Harrington), Gordon Pinsent (Allan Crane), Zohra Lampert (Sharon Logan), Todd G. Lookinland (Mark Harrington), Peter Donat (Wayne Harrington), Lane Davies (Anson Keller), Don Marshall (Richard Wilkes), Majel Barrett (Clarissa Harmon), Walt Davis (Jerry Swider), Martin Rudy (William McGuane), Luana Anders (Ms. Robbin), Elaine Princi (Dorothy), Mario J. Machado (Doctor), Lorna Thayer (Therese Harrington), Denis Berkfeldt (Bob), Cathy Brown (Joan Davies), Chris Ellis (Truck driver), Lyla Graham (Female shopper), Susan Niven (Secretary), Peter Skinner (Brubaker), Sean Spencer (Driver’s assistant), Steven Factor (Jason Logan), Marilyn Staley (Bank teller), Hillary Farrell (Teaching assistant), Mathew Baer (Kramer), Alan Frost (Mr. Sloan).

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